As an audiovisual producer of film, video and animation, with more than sixteen-years experience, I have had the oportunity to work and explore many platforms, formats and media. This has brought me many great opportunities for growth and development in an interdisciplinary way. 
Furthermore, as an executive producer and director for advertising, I have worked with agencies like Publicis Worldwide, Teran TBWA and premium brands like Unilever, Apple and Nissan. Within of the many campaigns I produced, I won a Golden Award at The Festival Creative Circle of Mexico with the commercial “Sad Toys”, made entirely in stop motion animation for Nestlé. 
As a filmmaker, I have won awards like best documentary short film at the International Morelia Film Festival and had the opportunity of premiering my work at a special projection of the International Week of Critics in Cannes. My documentaries has been exhibited in festivals like Ambulante, Docs Mx and Unifest Madrid. I also won a scholarship from the mexican  National Fund for Culture and Art to produced another film.
My art has been part of exhibitions like the Encounter of Sound Art and Audiovisual Exploration organized by UNAM,  and shown on museums like the Spain Cultural Center and the Museum Franz Meyer and the Contemporary Art Museum Juan Soriano. Internationally, it has been presented in the Montreal Underground Film Festival and the Videoart Festival ALC just to mention few.
This interdisciplinary character, strongly based on film and art, has given me great opportunities of expression and creation, founding my development for creating video and new media and defining my mision as a creator: to produce beautiful imaginary, telling unique stories and building memorable experiences. 
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